Sunday, January 29, 2012


It has become clear that Joshua is unable or unwilling to return to me. Therefore I must seek him out myself. I am skilled in locating people but I taught Joshua how to cover his tracks well. Considering the beast hunting him I would not be surprised if he appeared to some of the other bloggers. As a result I must ask that you inform me if he approaches you.
His physical description is as follows:
He is seventeen, but short for his age, only five and a half feet tall. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He has a small but prominent scar over his right eye. When he left he took only jeans and a white shirt, but he is capable of acquiring a new wardrobe easily. He has a thin nose and a prominent jaw line. His frame is thin and lean. Our physical training focused more on speed and flexibility, so he is not heavily muscled, but he is able to defend himself.
If you see him or are contacted by him please contact me. My e-mail is Joshua, if you see this please return to me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Come back

I know you will see this at some point, Joshua. I understand your decision to seek help elsewhere, but this is not the answer. I am your teacher, and am capable of protecting you far better than any others. You are not safe outside my attention. I know you observe the blogs. When you see this return to me.