Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back for clues

After the most recent posts on this blog I realized that there was only a small window of opportunity to find more evidence on Joshua's location. Unfortunately we only got there today, and it was clear that "Freedomcaged" was long gone by this point, either on the run or taken by the monster. Most evidence points to the latter, which means I will never get to ask him properly about my apprentice. When we met before I could tell he was not being honest, but I didn't have enough information to push him more, and now I have lost the opportunity forever.

Still I could not let myself gain nothing from the situation, so North and I returned to the area and investigated his the dormitory room he resided in. Getting in was no problem and once we were there it was quickly apparent he had not had the opportunity or intention of concealing anything. His laptop was sitting open on a desk in the corner, right next to a pistol loaded with four bullets. I took the gun and his hard drive while North searched the rest of the room. Unfortunately he essentially ransacked the room, however we were more concerned with speed than subtlety at that point. Still North will require more training in an ordered covert search method, I think he was enjoying himself too much.

Unfortunately we didn't find anything of potential use in locating Joshua. I am going to spend the night going through it to see if I can learn anything. Hopefully by morning I will have a new lead.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Unfortunate Occurrence

I had gone out to speak with the blogger who calls himself Freedomcaged earlier, which is something I will adress seperately, and when I returned I found the hotel room in complete dissarry. North had torn up the pillows and bedding, ripped the curtins off the window and and taken the drawers out of the dresser and trown them around the room, along with most of our possesions.  I found him in the bathroom, trying to cut himself with a peice of glass, I had to pick the lock to get in. I attempted to take the glass from him but he would struggle and make the cuts deeper whenever I got close, so eventually I had to retreate to get some of my sedatives.  When I returned North had shollow cuts all along the lenght of his arm.  He laughed and pointed behind me "You don't even see it, do you?" I half-turned to examine the space behind me while keeping an eye on North, but it was empty.  After that I decided the best course of action was to sedate him. I suffered a few minor scratchs, but nothing attending to, so I focused on cleaning and bandageing North's hands and arms.  His hands in particular were bleeding quite a bit.

After makeing sure North was patched up properly and not going to wake up for a while I cleaned the room as throughly as I could, makeing sure to remove as much of the blood as possible from the bathroom floor. I also packed our things. I am concerned that staying still for this long has had a bad effect on North, and putting a little distance between us and our current location would be ideal. While I am not yet ready to abandon my first real lead on Joshua, it seems the best course of action would be to return after things have calmed down a little. I plan to move as soon as North wakes up, and if he is unwilling I will be forced to sedate him again for the trip.

symphony of life

its weird how this little game works, isnt it? you just wake up one day to realize that youre being stalked, and before you can even notice it youre running and trying to avoid the operator , but thats not really you, because you dont know whats happening yet. its like your brain goes into auto or some shit and youre just running and doing what you have to do to survive.
but then it hits you. i dont know how or when but it hits you. youll be having dinner or reading a blog or taking a piss when all from the sudden you realize: the most powerful being in the universe is out to kill you, and theres no one that can help you. the authorities that you trusted so much are just as scared as you are, your family and friends are most likely dead or can't help you. he has taken everything you ever loved and took for granted away. youre nothing but his pray anymore. his toy. and then youll star hearing it.
the clock ticking down to your death. and you wont know how long you have, but you will know its coming and that theres nothing you can do to stop it. lights will turn to bright, shadows will turn too dark, you will never feel safe or comfortable again.
thats when it happens.
thats when you become a runner.

Monday, April 16, 2012


You DO know your "contact" follows the blog, right?

You PROBABLY shouldn't reveal you will be observing him RIGHT WHERE HE CAN READ IT.

Target located

It was not easy, but we managed to track down someone who appears to know something in regards to Joshua. He had attempted to lead us away from him covertly, which actually enabled me to track him. I am unsure why he sought to lead us away from him, but it implies that he knows something. I plan to observe him before I make my approach. It would be unwise to rush into this situation without knowing more about him. Hopefully he can direct me to Joshua, if not willingly I will find other ways to get the information. I have not had a solid lead in some time, I will not allow this to dead end so quickly.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And then shit hit the fan.

So, I guess it was about damn time I posted something. Been traveling with Shadow for a while now and I haven't said a word about myself.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is North. I'm a runner. Shadow pulled my sorry ass out of a loop and we've been adventuring together ever since. Shade's a nice guy... I guess. Doesn't really talk a lot. No wonder we knew so little about him. He's one of the most shut in people I've ever seen. Of course, it's not like it bothers met. I haven't been really talkative myself, so having a quiet person as my partner doesn't really affect me.

I have managed to make him talk a little, tho. Got to know some things about him... I don't know if I should post them without his permission tho. I'll ask him latter. If he says yes, I'll put another post up.

So, the kid, Joshua. For the first time in ever Shade has a lead as to where he is. Not saying where we're going or who we're meeting. Don't want any proxies tracking us down. We're fucked up enough with Slendy biting our toes, thank you very much.

Shade will probably update soon anyways. Just wanted to let you guys know we're not MIA.

Until the next time.