Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Helping North

When I found North's house I was unsure of how to help him. He was not within the house and his posts suggested that he was not even on this physical plane. After I determined that he really was not within his house I was forced to find another way to get to him out safely, as I did not know how to enter whatever realm he was in. I contacted a few sources that I have developed and asked them to let me know if they heard anything and I began to observe the house and nearby town to see if I could find any proxies that might know how to reach North. It was not very long before I was able to discover that a proxy had been sent to torture North. I observed him for a few short days and learned as much as I could about him. Normally I would study him longer, but I knew time was short.

On Thursday I followed the proxy, who is called Ire, to North's house. I followed him inside covertly when he opened up the other realm. I had intended to come up from behind and jab him with a sedative dart. However my body reacted poorly to changing planes of existence and I was unable to suppress a violent set of coughing. Ire noticed me quickly and attempted to attack me with his axe. I managed to evade him and we spent some time studying each other's style. After I was confidant I could guess his movements I backed myself against the wall. When Ire was distracted I succeeded in causing him to embed his axe in the wall. I used the opportunity to jab a sedative dart into his neck, though I received a bruise when he freed his weapon. Before I was able to recover North appeared in the doorway and attempted to fire on Ire. The gunshot distracted me and Ire used the opportunity to wound my arm with his axe. However he became overconfident and I was able to knock him over and jab a second sedative dart into his neck. I believed him unable to react much longer so I was surprised by his sudden turn and he was able to give me a sharp gash across my ribs. We both got to our feet, but Ire was only able to make a very weak swing before finally losing consciousness.

It was at this point that I was first able to fully acknowledge my surroundings. Even though it had been day when I followed Ire in none of the windows showed any light and the air felt cold and heavy. I found it difficult to breath, but I felt a need to keep going and get out of the house. North was leaning against the frame of a door barely able to stand. It did not take much convincing to get him to come with me. We returned to the entrance and opened the door. Light filtered in to the entryway, but the yard appeared hazy and dimmed as though it only appeared to be there.

I was preparing to attempt exiting the house when North yelled for me to look out. I turned to where he was pointing. I could not see anything but the world was suddenly jerked away from me. Somehow we ended up on the roof. The sun was directly overhead but the air felt even colder than inside the house. I struggled to maintain my composure, but before I could recover I felt myself thrown to the floor in North's kitchen. I barely even made it too my knees before I found myself slammed against the wall of his bathroom. I had expected to land on the tiled floor of the bathroom, but instead I found myself face down in the grass on North's front lawn as the sun set over the trees. I looked up to see the house's walls collapse and splinter in on themselves as the entire structure crumbled.

I found myself purging the contents of my stomach on the lawn. I have been sick before, but I have never felt so completely ill before. As soon as I was able to move again I located North curled up to my left. I managed to help him up and we both returned to my car down the road. I used some of my supplies to patch up our individual injuries as well as I could, then I gave North some of the rations I keep with me. We drove away from his house but we did not get far before we were forced to stop and attempt to sleep and recover our energy.

Since then I have gotten us both proper medical treatment. We are also returning to Chicago shortly. I still do not know where Joshua is, but I need to continue looking.  North and I have agreed that it may be wisest for him to travel with me until he has recovered more.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha. Ire’s never going to live this down.

    You've made my day, Shade.

  2. Were there no questions asked at the hospital? Jeez, officials are so boring and trusting these days. -.-;;