Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going to help

North is in trouble. I have decided to try to help him. I have found no new leads in New York and heard nothing from my contacts about Jacob. I have decided he is capable of protecting himself for now. I have trained him to be as self-sufficient as possible. At the very least I am incapable of doing anything further to help Jacob right now. However I may be able to provide North with assistance. I believe I may have located his town. I will be heading there as soon as I have prepared for whatever I may encounter. North if you see this try to hold  on until I arrive.


  1. Thank god. I didnt think anyone was even looking into where he was.

  2. And we know next to nothing about you, yet you think you can "help" us. Someone would have to be in a huge spot of trouble to accept anything from you.