Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting ourselves together.

We start falling apart the moment we lose sight of our objectives. Having a goal was what kept me going after my family died, and the lack of one was what almost killed me when I was trapped in the loop. Finding and saving Joshua was Shade's goal, and now that that's gone, he's...

Yeah, I think you get my point.

We need a course of action we can stick to in case things get bad. A plan. But first of all, we need to be prepared for whatever the Tall Man can throw at us. That's why I'm getting some new weapons.

In case you aren't informed, I grew up in a family of hunters. When I first left home and started running I had two handguns, a rifle and a hunting knife. I've relayed on the guns and knife the most, since carrying a rifle around trough the streets is probably not a good idea, but lately one of them has been malfunctioning a lot. It jams constantly. And I can't have that happen to us while in the middle of a fight.

I managed to squeeze some information out of Shade and contacted one of his "acquaintances". He cut me a deal for a taser. In exchange I'll give him the broken handgun (which I assume he will dismantle and sell as spare parts). Once we have that, I think we'll be ready to face proxies in case we come across them...

As for long term plans... now that's a good question. I don't want to say "running". We can't just cower away from Slendy forever, but I can't think of a better choice. I like to think the whole "Power in the numbers" thing still holds some weight, but after what I've seen... Well, lets just say the theory needs a reworking. For now, I'll just focus on keeping us alive.

Until the next time.

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