Monday, May 28, 2012


She read trough and commented on every single post. Now, I COULD go back and respond to each one of her comments, but that would probably take up a lot of time that I could be using for being emo and slacking off. Which means I'm taking the lazy-man's out on this one and just making a post answering all of her questions. And hey, she actually asked some pretty GOOD questions, so this might also serve as some sort of recap. Still, unless your name is Amy and you're well known for telling people how much they SUCK, fell free to skip this.

Q: I think you knew far better why he left. Fear or anxiety wouldn't have been enough to drive him from your protection. What was it, really?
A: All I know is that Joshua and Shade weren't in the best of terms. He wasn't there during most of his childhood, so they weren't very close. If there was any other reason for his departure, Shade never told me. And honestly? I don't think there was anything else.

"Going to help" and "North is safe".
Q:And we know next to nothing about you, yet you think you can "help" us. Someone would have to be in a huge spot of trouble to accept anything from you.
Q:How brief and uninformative. I think you suffer from an inability to speak of yourself, my lovely Shade.
A: Not as much of a question, but I do wanna clarify: I was in a huge spot of trouble. Shit was past my neck and had already wrecked the motherfucking fan. I would have accepted help from the fucking SLENDERMAN if that would have gotten me out of that thing...
As for Shade's writing... he's quiet. He keeps things to himself. It has kept him alive 'till now, and saved him from things other than the Slenderman, so you can't really blame him for it...

"Helping North".
Q: Were there no questions asked at the hospital? Jeez, officials are so boring and trusting these days. -.-;;
A: We didn't go to a hospital. Shade knows people. He got some of his friends to patch us up. Not like we needed a lot of help anyways. I needed some serums and he needed some bandages. Nothing that a stop at the pharmacy couldn't solve...

"Target located".
Q:Question. What do you and Joshua actually.. do? Are you friends, are you proxies, are you lovers, are you Runners? So little information to go off of.
A: As you can probably guess now, Joshua is... was Shade's son.... not a lot else I can ad to that.

Q: Because people are dumb and don't like the sound of their own voices?
A: Just for the record, I hate my own voice.

"An unfortunate occurrence"
Q:WHAT THE FUCK? NO QUESTIONS? Oh god, I hate bloggers some times. Pull your heads out of your asses, readers. I mean, goddamn, what did North see behind Shade? Why didn't Shade see it? What made North trip his shit? How long was he tripping his shit total? Why was Free even connected to Shade? Fucktards.. I throw my hands up at the lot of you.
A: I was actually kinda surprised no one asked these before...

  • What I saw behind Shade: Well, I don't remember a lot from my little breakdown, but Shade and I have talked and... I don't think he can see the Slenderman. It's weird, he just... doesn't. Which means maybe I saw him? Or perhaps I was hallucinating. Either way, it doesn't matter now, does it?
  • Why he doesn't see it: No fucking clue. Sorry. I wish I could figure it out so I would stop seeing him too...
  • Why I tripped my shit: I'm gonna go all out and reveal personal issues and shit now: Sometimes I wake up believing I'm still in the house. I know I'm not there. I can see the place is different, I can recognize Shade's things, I remember he saved me, but... I don't know. I just can't convince myself I'm out yet. As if this were all some sort of huge illusion created by him and it would all break down any time now just to reveal I never left that damn place, those same fucking walls, the darkness, the cold, the hunger... I'm gonna shut up now.
  • Free and Shade: They had worked together. That's all I know.

So, that should be it. Skipped some comments because they didn't seem very important. Hope that's okay, don't really care if it's not.

Until the next time.


  1. The questions I cared the most about being answered were not. -facepalms-

    1. ...You're welcome.

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