Monday, July 9, 2012

I don't even know if any of you people are ever going to see this post. That thing is still after us and I don't think we'll be able to fight it off if it finds us. If you're reading this, we made it trough the night and we're alive for now. If not... fuck, I don't even wanna think about it.

Shade and I got attacked while at a motel. I was laying in bed, playing with my phone and Shade was on the desk writing some shit up, when all from the sudden the window breaks and glass goes flying fucking everywhere. And that thing. That fucking thing jumps into our room.

I can't even begin to describe it. It kinda looked human, but it WAS NOT human. It's skin was all fucked up. It looked kinda like charcoal, but brighter... if that makes any sense. Then it's eyes were fucking yellowish white, no pupils... at least none that I could see. It attacked Shade, tried to punch him. It was quick, but Shade managed to dodge it.

It's fist went trough the fucking wall.

I grabbed my rifle and shot at it, but this thing was SO FUCKING FAST. It actually managed to DODGE the damn bullet. I tried to reload, but before I was done the bastard LUNGED across the room, grabbed me by the throat and threw me so hard against the door, I actually went TROUGH it.

Before I could get my shit together, that THING was on top of me. It grabbed me by the neck, lifted me off the ground and started STRANGLING me. I swear to god, that thing could have just snapped my neck right there if it would've wanted to, but he was ENJOYING this.

Shade got one of the ground and grabbed one of the guns. He shot the thing three times. In a fucking millisecond the thing had dropped me and turned to face Shade, but it couldn't dodge the bullets. He got hit in the chest... and the fucker STILL WOULDN'T DIE.

It tackled Shade and sent him flying across the room. I got up and grabbed the "Fire Axe" from the wall. Shade was managing to hold up for himself, but he was clearly on disadvantage. I ran into the room and managed to swing the axe into the back of it's head before it turned to face me.

It was still alive. But at least it couldn't move.

We got up, got everything we could gather and just ran the fuck out of there. Drove until we reached the city. We don't feel safe in a hotel, where they could catch us alone, so we're just gonna spend the night on this E.R. waiting room. I complained about a stomachache and chances are I'll have to wait all night to get looked at. A good way of getting a free place to spend the night.

We're sleeping in turns. I should wake up Shadow now, I really need some sleep...

God help us.

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