Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back for clues

After the most recent posts on this blog I realized that there was only a small window of opportunity to find more evidence on Joshua's location. Unfortunately we only got there today, and it was clear that "Freedomcaged" was long gone by this point, either on the run or taken by the monster. Most evidence points to the latter, which means I will never get to ask him properly about my apprentice. When we met before I could tell he was not being honest, but I didn't have enough information to push him more, and now I have lost the opportunity forever.

Still I could not let myself gain nothing from the situation, so North and I returned to the area and investigated his the dormitory room he resided in. Getting in was no problem and once we were there it was quickly apparent he had not had the opportunity or intention of concealing anything. His laptop was sitting open on a desk in the corner, right next to a pistol loaded with four bullets. I took the gun and his hard drive while North searched the rest of the room. Unfortunately he essentially ransacked the room, however we were more concerned with speed than subtlety at that point. Still North will require more training in an ordered covert search method, I think he was enjoying himself too much.

Unfortunately we didn't find anything of potential use in locating Joshua. I am going to spend the night going through it to see if I can learn anything. Hopefully by morning I will have a new lead.


  1. And now you've got my attention...

  2. You have his laptop, and yet no one has freaked and wondered if his death post was deliberately put up? Most users are lazy, and have their passwords saved. Even the intelligent ones. Who says that FC wasn't the same way, that some of his information is just available at a moment's notice to Shade and North?! Ugh. I.. I need a drink.

    Fuck all of you for being idiots.

    1. ...Why?

      I mean, even if we had hacked into FC's account and made the post go up earlier (which we didn't) what would we win from that? The "supreme trolls" title?

    2. You could win plenty. When he returns, he could claim you fools were besmirching his name. And it would be an easy way to catch his attention, would it not?

    3. Shade SPOKE TO HIM.
      IN PERSON.

      Why in the sweet name of FUCK would we want his attention? It's not like he was IGNORING US beforehand, was he?

      Also, what do we win by... besmirching (The fuck is that?) his name?

      Jesus woman, think before you speak...

    4. Because you spoke to him once doesn't mean you wouldn't want his attention after he had already bailed on your asses, leaving all his shit behind. Think chronologically, darling, pissing someone off is one of the easiest ways to snag attention.

      Why wouldn't you want his attention if you were desperate enough to GO TO HIS HOME LOOKING FOR HIM?!

      GodDAMN do a Google search or pick up a dictionary before you speak.. because, fuck, I know thinking is out of YOUR reach.

    5. It's not out of my reach.

      I'm just lazy.

      And I still don't get why we would want to berscheminger his reputation.

      Shade and I went to his house because Shade thought he was hiding something.

      Guess what? HE FUCKING WAS.

      Have you READ through the damn blog?

    6. I can honestly say I knew most of that shit was coming before it did. It isn't difficult to keep your mouth shut if you have the motivation to do so.

    7. ...Y'know, I'm still wondering why we would want to "ruin" his reputation...

      Is there an answer to that? Or we're you just making shit up?