Thursday, April 19, 2012

symphony of life

its weird how this little game works, isnt it? you just wake up one day to realize that youre being stalked, and before you can even notice it youre running and trying to avoid the operator , but thats not really you, because you dont know whats happening yet. its like your brain goes into auto or some shit and youre just running and doing what you have to do to survive.
but then it hits you. i dont know how or when but it hits you. youll be having dinner or reading a blog or taking a piss when all from the sudden you realize: the most powerful being in the universe is out to kill you, and theres no one that can help you. the authorities that you trusted so much are just as scared as you are, your family and friends are most likely dead or can't help you. he has taken everything you ever loved and took for granted away. youre nothing but his pray anymore. his toy. and then youll star hearing it.
the clock ticking down to your death. and you wont know how long you have, but you will know its coming and that theres nothing you can do to stop it. lights will turn to bright, shadows will turn too dark, you will never feel safe or comfortable again.
thats when it happens.
thats when you become a runner.

1 comment:

  1. You become a runner out of desperation. When did you stop being able to type properly? One of the few things I respected about you, and you don't even do it reliably. Tsk tsk.